It’s FREE to Host! No cash out of your practice and no contract! Hygienists pay rental fees directly to the Host through our Stripe integration.
 What are the Hosting Requirements?
During our launch, hosting a Hygienist requires providing a basic tray setup, including infection control barriers, instruments (including ultrasonic & handpiece/motor), and optional PPE, prophy paste, and fluoride varnish to prevent equipment incompatibility.
How Much Can I Rent My Operatory for?
Rental fees are set at $75 per hour. Collab collects 18% of the rental fee to run our platform.
Why Should I Become a Host?
Hosting a Hygienist can boost your revenue through treatment referrals. Did you know that 75% of treatment originates from appointments with a Hygienist?!
Do I Have to be On-Site?
Nope! Dental Hygienists in Ontario can self-initiate, and can see clients without a dentist present. They’ll refer patients to you for exams, X-rays, or treatment as needed.
What about Cancellations?
Collab minimizes cancellations ensuring Hosts are paid for completed appointments through our OPT IN confirmation process. Hygienists, reliant on appointments for income, manage their schedules and maintain close client relationships, reducing cancellations. Cancellations made within 48 hours are tracked on Hygienists’ profiles. A 10% cancellation rate means a 90% chance of profit, which is better than a 100% chance of $0 when the Op is empty!
 What About Sterilization?
You can choose whether the Hygienist handles instrument reprocessing or if your staff prefers to do it. Sharing your office’s reprocessing steps helps ensure compliance with your IPAC procedures.
What About My Equipment?
Hygienists are required to report any missing, damaged or unworkable equipment within the first 15 minutes of the appointment to avoid any misunderstandings. These professionals run businesses and aim for return invitations.
How Do I Get Paid?
Payment occurs on the appointment day and is transferred to your linked Stripe account through our app.
What if I have to Cancel a Hygienist’s Booking?
You can easily cancel the Hygienist’s booking within the app but must do so at least 7 days in advance.
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