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Fill your unoccupied Dental Operatories with Independent Hygienists, increase your profitability, office exposure & gain new clients through direct referrals by becoming a Host today.

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Be your own boss, make your own schedule & tend to your client needs with our best-in-class operatories on-demand. Work from anywhere in our network through our dental operatory booking platform. Sign up today.

Maximizing Operatory Capacity

Dental practices are finding it hard to maximize their operatory capacity. Acquiring patients is hard but finding and retaining qualified dental hygienists has become a significant challenge as well. The shortage has forced many practice owners to hire temp dental hygienists, which can be disruptive, expensive and degrade patient care.

In the face of these challenges, Collab Dentistry offers an innovative solution. Our dental operatory booking platform connects Practice Owners with Dental Hygienists looking for space to treat their own clients. It's a win-win situation - Practice Owners can easily maximize the use of their unoccupied operatories and get new patient referrals, while Dental Hygienists gain access to suitable spaces for their patients.
Why Choose Collab Dentistry
Ease of Booking: Our dental operatory booking app allows them to effortlessly reserve unoccupied operatories at the click of a button.

Flexibility: Our dental operatory booking platform offers a variety of booking options to suit unique requirements.

Networking: Become part of a robust community of dental professionals, expanding your network and opportunities.

No Cost to Host: Unlike hiring a temp dental hygienist, using our platform does not incur any additional costs for the host Practice.
We understand the need for a flexible, efficient, and reliable dental operatory booking app in today's fast-paced dental industry. Join Collab Dentistry today and transform the way you manage your dental practice.