Be Your Own Boss

Empowering your Future in Dentistry

When Self Initiated Dental Hygienists contemplate taking the leap towards an independent dental hygiene practice, traditionally, the only options seemed to be opening their own dental hygiene clinic or building out a mobile clinic. These options come with significant upfront costs, long-term commitments, and the daunting task of managing an independent clinic.

Our platform offers a unique alternative to establishing an independent dental hygiene clinic. Collab Dentistry connects Self-Initiated Registered Dental Hygienists with Practice Owners with unoccupied dental operatories.

By using our platform, Independent Dental Hygienists can easily book an operatory from multiple locations to treat their own clients, with transparent upfront pricing and all payments to the Host made within the app.

Collab Dentistry allows hygienists to practice independently and helps them avoid the high costs of setting up an independent dental hygiene practice. They can book operatories based on location, price and amenities.

Generate Additional Income

Rent available ops on-demand and utilize the ODHA Fee Guide to generate more
per-hour billing.

Be Your Own Boss

Set your own schedule, bring your own clients and have full autonomy over your business.

Attract New Patients

Attract new clients in your own social network. You can provide services at various locations that suit you and your clients.

How To Join As An Independent Dental Hygienist

Join as a Dental Hygienists in 3 simple steps

Register your Profile

Complete your Professional Profile and upload all required documentation.

Create a Booking

Search and select a Host by location, hourly rate, amenities, and length required.

Increase your income

Utilize the ODHA Fee Guide to generate a higher hourly rate

Your Gateway to Flexible Part Time Dental Hygiene Opportunities

A challenge many hygienists face is finding a flexible work environment that accommodates their unique needs. Whether you're looking to balance family life, further your education, or desire more control over your work schedule, Collab Dentistry offers the perfect solution. Our innovative platform offers the flexibility to decide when and how much you want to work, making it an ideal choice for those seeking part time dental hygiene opportunities.

Revolutionizing How You Rent Dental Office Space

Traditional methods of trying to rent dental office space can involve time-consuming negotiations and complex agreements. However, Collab Dentistry has revolutionized this process, making it easier than ever to rent a dental operatory. If you're a hygienist looking to rent dental office space, the platform offers a streamlined solution and the flexibility to choose a space that suits your needs. By simplifying the process to rent a dental operatory, we enable you to focus on what you do best - providing excellent dental care to your clients.

Join As An Independent Dental Hygienist